Rotisserie Oven WF-1800R

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In Stock
  • With Rotisserie function for Grilling full Chicken
  • Ideal for Grilling, Roasting, Toasting, and Baking
  • 1200 Watts 220-240V 50Hz


Get fresh, delicious, and nutritious meals and healthy food with the Westpoint microwave oven WF-1800R. This best microwave oven allows you dual comfort as it heats the food in the oven and then tops it off simultaneously with a hot spot. Its innovative and robust design ensures that food will receive the perfect quantity of heat and there are no health risks that arise. Therefore, get WF-1800RD for your kitchen appliances, and you can enjoy healthful living.

Cook meat and a professional using the broil or rotisserie feature included in the Westpoint Microwave oven. The timer and thermostat are adjustable, allowing you to regulate the heat level and adjust the duration according to the requirements for the particular recipe. Discounted microwave oven price in Pakistan.

Being a master chef is not just a fantasy with the best microwave oven WF-1800R. This great microwave oven lets you heat food items, bake delicious dessert items, and even cook delightful BBQ for your family and friends. Its sleek and durable design, making it an ideal long-term kitchen appliance to have in your home. Bring the party inside by bringing it home with Westpoint.


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