Microwave Oven WF-825M

In Stock
In Stock
  • 5 Microwave Power Levels
  • 35 min. Timer
  • Pull Handle Door
  • Painted Cavity
  • Defrost Setting
  • Cooking End Signal
  • 1270 Watts | 220 – 240V – 50Hz


Westpoint microwave oven is one of the most sought-after kitchen appliances. It is used to cook, melt butter grilling, cook food, and reheat and defrost. There are many more uses, such as reheating, defrosting foods, storing food and numerous other uses. Westpoint best microwave oven has an elegant, sleek design that is simple to operate. It is an excellent addition to any kitchen.

Westpoint microwave oven is one of the most modern and modern microwave ovens available. It is among the most modern and advanced ovens on the market. Best microwave ovens is useful appliance for every household since it has numerous benefits. Many have already bought the Westpoint Microwave Ovens and are satisfied with their purchase.

In certain situations, people must deal with cooking food in a hurry since they are limited in time for cooking. Therefore, you can resolve your problem fast by using our microwave ovens. Many people have found the microwave oven to be the top kitchen appliance on the market today, which allows them to cook meals quickly and easily. Microwave ovens create heat faster than traditional ovens and are extremely secure to operate. Furthermore, Wespoint microwave oven price in Pakistan guaranteed minimal.


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